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Why Trust Us

Free shipping

We deliver our products to all over india without any delivery charge.

FSSAI approved

All of our products are fssai approved. Our FSSAI licence no. is "20720005000369"

Huge Savings

We respect your hard-work and the money you earned with it. You can save a lot of money if you buy from us.

Easy Returns

You can return your bought product very easily with our easy return policy.

Benefits of our Product

Strong brain, body & bone

Constipation & Stomach Problem


Improves eyesight

Good for ulcer

Improves immune system

Anti-inflammatory & anti-cancer

Improves energy levels

वंदे गौ मातरम हमारी यही कामना है की भारत के हर घर मे लोग पूजनीय गैया मैया दूध और घी का सेवन करे और स्वस्थ रहे। साथ गैयामैया के प्रति सेवा और सन्मान का भाव हो। हर किसान हर घर मे गौपालन करे।

Why Vaidic A2 Ghee?


Natural healing properties with no side-effects.

Desi Cow

Using only the prayerable desi Cow’s highly nutritional milk.


Made cruelty-free, providing cows with a comfortable standard of living.


From cows that graze openly and are given Ayurvedic medicinal herbs.

Hand Churned

Made using the most natural and organic processes.


Incredibly nutritional with several healing properties.

A2 Milk

Milk that’s purely A2 with no A1 protein, thus naturally easy to digest.


Implementing ancient Indian, natural ghee-making methods.

About Gaiyaamrut

We are a group of young men and women on a mission to bring a revolution called “SHERPURA GAUSHALA” (“PATHMEDA GODHAM”) to this world. we have taken  a vow in the name of our beloved GAUMATA (gaiya maiya) that we devote every single breath to her seva and not rest until her pride as “THE MOTHER” of humanity is restored.


One of the great online store to buy 100% pure and healthy products. I love their products. they are 100% organic directly come from farms.


The best thing you can get in this price. It’s just amazing. You just got a regular customer.


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